Raisins Applications

  • Bakery

    Raisins go well in most baked goods. Add them to bread, muffins and cookies.
  • Eye Care

    raisins contains very good amount of vitamin-A, A-Beta Carotene and A-Carotenoid, all of which are essential for a good ocular health.
  • Antioxidants

    Grapes and raisins provide phenolic antioxidants, which contribute to their potential health benefits.
  • The mind

    Taken in quantities and combinations recommended by a qualified Ayurveda practitioner, raisins can uplift and balance the emotions.
  • Fever

    Helps curing fever by fighting viral and bacterial infections.
  • The Brain

    Raisins have an effect, which supports the brain and nurtures it.
  • In conclusion, raisins are a high fiber food. Even a single serving of raisins provides a significant amount of fiber in a daily diet and can have beneficial effects on colon health.
  • Raisins add a touch of sunshine to breads, muffins, cookies, cakes, pies, tarts and puddings
  • Raisins have been successfully used as part of diets to lower blood cholesterol and prevent its damaging oxidation
  • Raisins as part of the daily diet.
  • Dairy

    Raisins sweetness and texture make them a great addition to poultry stuffing.
  • Weight gain

    Raisins, like all dry fruits, are very good for gaining weight, as they are full of fructose and glucose and give a lot of energy.
  • The lungs

    Raisins lubricate the bodies channels-particularly the lungs. Therefore, people with less than robust respiratory systems find them very healing.
  • The bowel

    Raisins soaked overnight and taken in the morning support bowel movements.
  • Relief in Constipation

    This helps giving relief in constipation
  • The Throat

    Raisins with milk or water can relieve thirst.
  • Adding fiber from high fiber foods such as raisins is preferable to using isolated fiber supplements because raisins deliver additional nutrients and phytochemicals that may also help to lower disease risks in other ways.
  • Add raisins, almonds, peppers and onions to brown rice to make a tasty side dish.
  • Raisins are naturally endowed with both an array of valuable nutrients and a pleasantly sweet flavor.
  • Raisins, like other fruits, are devoid of fat, saturated fat and cholesterol.